march 2004 -
Kids-at-Iran, 01-01-2004

Homayoon (age 8) from Teheran dreams of becoming an astronaut. Elham (age 9) from Amsterdam wants to teach in a mosque. These children have introduced themselves on the website As did Maryam (9, from Teheran, with her head traditionally covered) and Abdelmouhen (9, from Amsterdam), who both hope to become dentists. is a cultural exchange project that got off to a festive start in February. Children in Amsterdam and Teheran communicate about the things they experience in everyday life. They tell about their lives on the website. They also express their ideas and experiences by means of photography, animation, painting, sculpting and video letters, with assistance from artists and teachers. In time, part of the website will be exhibited in the KTI Tropenmuseum and in the Children's Museum of Kanoon in Teheran. is a project by the Tropenmuseum Junior, made possible by subsidies from the Mondriaan Foundation and NCDO, and sponsored by Shell Development Iran. The project is a spin-off of Paradise & Co, the exhibition about Iran by Tropenmuseum Junior in the KIT.