Steps for the future

February 2004 -

Steps for the Future is a collection of films from southern Africa dealing with the impact of AIDS on daily life. These are not educational films, but stories from real life.

The collection varies from long documentaries to music videos, cartoons and experimental short films. All of the films were made by local directors. The quality of the films is high, and in both 2002 and 2003 awards were won during the Cannes film festival. The website displays descriptions of and trailers from all of the films.

This collection of films is part of a 2001 media campaign to promote the discussion of the AIDS issue. The films have now been released on video in thirteen local languages and are shown in schools, churches, hostels, townships and villages. A separate guide explains how the films should be shown, including discussion questions and instructions for operating the video recorder.

Steps for the Future is an initiative of the Finnish Broadcasting Company / YLE2 Documentaries and Day Zero Film & Video, from South Africa. Much more information about this project can be found on the website. All 26 films can also be ordered there.