march 2006 -

SWOPA, 1-3-2006

Sirigu is a village in northern Ghana that is known for its traditional architecture, ceramics and murals. More than 150 women from the village joined forces in 1997 in SWOPA: Sirigu Women Organization of Pottery and Art. SWOPA's objective is to protect and develop Sirigu's traditional culture. To supplement their income from farming and improve their social position, the women in SWOPA focus on the tourist sector. A visitor's centre with a gallery, bed & breakfast and restaurant has been constructed, for example. Tourists can take a tour of the village or participate in workshops.

The small website gives information about the village, its traditional society, nature and the various types of crafts. It explains what Sirigu can offer tourists. During workshops tourists can learn to make pottery, weave baskets or sing and dance. The bed & breakfast is located within the compound. Making it extremely handy that the website also explains what kind of behavior is expected from guests.