Universes in Universe

august 2004 -
Universes in Universe

Universes in Universe, 01-08-2004

Universes in Universe is a web site about contemporary visual arts in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, in the context of international art developments. The site was created by the German art historian and art critic Gerhard Haupt and the Argentine-German artist Pat Binder.

In addition to a magazine, whose summer 2004 issue deals with art from the Islamic world, the site contains an extensive database containing organisations, funds, artists and events in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The level of comprehensiveness of this database differs per country or area, but for the more extensively studied regions in particular this is a valuable guide. Universes in universe devotes extensive attention to the ‘established’ art circuit. The column ‘Caravan’ reports on big events, such as the many biennales in the world. However, in the future the magazine will provide another feature to offset this coverage: regular items will appear about the art scene in specific cities.

The web site is published in German, English and Spanish.